As an ISO certified manufacturer, Hi-Tech Fastener offers Heading, Rolling, Milling, Slotting, Turning, Grinding, Straight and Cut, as well as in-house Tool and Die manufacturing.  

We also offer sorting, third part validations, poly- bagging and kits.  When the volume is high and the price is low, Hi-Tech Fastener can source your parts in Asia or provide a blended solution.  In addition to offering Engineering support, we also offer Prototyping and PPAPs.  

Find out how Hi-Tech Fastener can save you time and money with a JIT delivery program tailored to your needs. If the conditions are right, VMI programs are also available.  

When you are facing line down situations and the heat is really on—Hi-Tech Fastener offers Hot Rush and Emergency services, too.   

Hi-Tech Fastener operates a comprehensive QC laboratory ensuring the mechanical and dimensional compliance of every order. When the decision was made, more than a decade ago, to focus our attention on OEM customers, we realized that we needed to be as good at distribution solutions as we were at manufacturing. Hi-Tech Fastener offers 30 years of fastener manufacturing and distribution know-how and expertise.  Our experienced fastener professionals will work with you and your personnel in order to help you procure the right product at the right price.  Customers often ask us to visit their manufacturing facilities in order to observe assembly procedures and processes and offer suggestions. 

We do “whatever it takes”, routinely, to satisfy our customers' needs.   

  •   Manufacturing screws, bolts, and cold headed specials for more than 25 years
    •   Cold head diameters starting at .090-.625 and lengths up to 5 inches
      •   Parts in all grades of Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Copper, Brass, Aluminum, Silicon Bronze, and others
        •   Heading, Thread Rolling, Head Slotting, Shaving, Broaching, Swagging, Drilling and Tapping
          •   Hundreds of different platings and coatings from aircraft, military, automotive, special finishes

            Responsive Customer service by highly qualified staff: 

            •   On-Time Delivery
              •   On-Sight Support
                •   Warehousing
                  •   Packaging Flexibility
                    •   Barcoding
                      •   Timely Quotations
                        •   Manufacturing Flexibility
                          •   Prototyping
                            •   Engineering Support