• Founded in 1986
• 3rd Generation Family Business
• Cold Heading
• Thread Rolling

Our mission is to be the most effective supplier our customers have experienced. We take great pride in the services we provide—from manufacturing to distribution, we put all our years of experience to work for you.



Hi-Tech Fastener was founded in 1986 by father and son, Jim and Jeff Davis. Jim Davis, the owner, has been in the fastener industry since 1968. His son Jeff joined the industry in 1982. By 1986 the father and son duo set out to fulfill their dream of owning their own fastener manufacturing business. They began their journey with one header and one roller and a deep desire to own and operate a first-rate fastener manufacturing company. Jeff's son Chris Davis joined the company later in 2016. Today the company operates in a twenty thousand square foot facility with an additional ten thousand square feet coming soon. Manufacturing capacity has grown to over 50 pieces of production machinery, plus an in-house tool and die shop, and state of the art QC laboratory. Hi-Tech currently has 16 full time employees working tirelessly to deliver total customer satisfaction.

As we near our thirty-fifth anniversary, Hi-Tech Fastener is proud to be joined by our third generation Christopher Davis. Chris recently graduated from the Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business and we look forward to the meaningful contributions he will make to our organization as we go forward.  

At Hi-Tech Fastener, we believe that relationships must be established and maintained while abiding by these five principles: 

  1. Though we must profit to succeed, “Honesty and Integrity” must always be the main objective.
  2. Maintain a strong commitment to providing good jobs in our communities.
  3. We remain committed to providing effective leadership to our employees.
  4. It is imperative that we are mindful stewards of our environment.
  5. Develop the highest quality supply chain to ensure the operation runs well and that every customer is satisfied.

Our customers appreciate the relationships that we have built based upon these core principles and you will too!

Hi-Tech Fastener understands the markets we serve, as well as the world we live in.  This understanding is key to providing best-in-class customer service. Today, there are fewer than 500 fastener manufacturers left in the United States, and more than 6,000 fastener distributors. Buyers want fewer suppliers and more "service" from those suppliers. Hi-Tech Fastener understands these needs—that is why we provide a diverse line of domestically made fasteners and components as well as imported fasteners and comprehensive distribution solutions.

We provide a diverse range of products that are complementary to our manufactured items that include, but are not limited to, nuts, washers, rivets, springs, stampings, sintered products, and more. Again, it is our mission to be “your best supplier, manufacturer, and most trusted partner”. You will enjoy doing business with Hi-Tech Fastener—this sentiment will be echoed throughout your organization, from purchasing, engineering, quality control, supervisory personnel, and manufacturing personnel. We know that by maintaining this sentiment with our customers—we will continue to be a valuable member of the fastener industry for another 35 years. If you have not done business with us yet, please give us the opportunity to serve you. You will not be disappointed.